Monthly Care

Similar services as Basic Plan but we will visit your premises every 2 weeks.

Monthly Care Package

We scan all post and send it to you by mail. After you check your invoices for monthly costs of your apartment we will manage payments for electric, water, juristic office fees, online and TV provider.

You can deposit the average monthly amount together with our monthly service fee. We will do all local payments for you without any additional money transfer fees.

Every month you receive a detailed report. If there are any additional services needed, we look forward to getting your instructions and additional orders.

Included services

  • Damages check
  • Reporting damages to Juristic Office
  • 3 hr Air Conditioning of the room
  • Empty mailbox
  • Check Alarm Systems
  • Monthly report
  • Refrigerator & oven cleaning
  • Mailbox Check
  • Document scan
  • Document Email service
  • Payment service
  • SIM prepaid upload


from THB 2.500 per month